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You deserve a design as unique as you are! Unique creative designs is my specialty.

There are several steps involved in designing your site:

1.) Meet with you (either in person or virtually via email and telephone) so that I can get a better idea about your business, what you are trying to convey and the people you wish to reach with you site. I will also develop a list, including colors, graphic style, what you like/dislike about various Web sites, etc. Since every site is different and I specialize in custom-tailoring each site, there are no set prices, only a general range.

2.) I work up a rough mock-up based on the information you provided so we have a visual to work from, we will make notes of what you like and dislike. This usually happens within the week after meeting with you.

3.) I will begin creating the site after you have signed a contract and given your deposit. Depending on the size of the site this can take from a few days to a couple weeks. Once complete, and after you've "signed off" on the site and we're ready to tweak your site. This includes key words for search engines.

4.) Finally, I will launch the site. It is recommended that you continue to submit changes for your site on a regular basis to keep the content fresh and users returning.

5.) How do we begin? Ask me for a quote...

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